Saturday, 26 October 2013

Am shutting this Blog down as frankly the continued errors trying to create more Blog entries - doing nothing different to what I have done since setting up this Blog - defy User Error syndrome & frankly have royally f8cked me off

Can't even find my Folder in Documents when trying to post Blogs -that holds all my Wargames stuff and system won't even allow me to post ANY pictures or images

It's shite and there's no denying

Plan is to see if I can resurface with a new Blog as this one is contaminated ...............


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Due to some unexplained technical issues, I have no been able to post any images on my Blog for few weeks now - issue seems to be a fault with placing an image from my library which then causes Internet Explorer to crash... if this continues I will be deleting this Blog as this is not a User error and it's frankly p*ssing me off....

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fresh from the painting table of my favourite Dark Ages painter Bryan Nuttall are these lovely Breton Infantry & a well fed Breton Champion . Infantry are mainly old style Foundry Norman sculpts with few conversions , with our well fed Champ being Conquest Games command figure ...

Monday, 1 April 2013

Some of my fine growing Viking Army - painted once again by Bryan Nuttall - joyful work of the highest standard - mix Wargames Foundry's figures from old & new Vikings range + figures from Gripping Beast. Photo's also include recent Herts Volunteers[] club game of Clontarf AD1016 - using Alan Kirkes great & grimly realistic Dark Ages rule-set 'Werod' + maps England & Ireland in Viking age.
Banner bearers are especially outstanding....
Viking ships are Gripping Beast & painted by also highly talented Steve Danes who also made the outstanding sails for each ship

Some outstanding Anglo Saxon/Danes figures for my growing obsession to have an effective 1-2-1 figures Dark Ages armies/collections- painted by highly talented  Bryan Nuttall - ex resident painter from long gone but fondly remembered Gamers In Exile ye olde shoppe [in London's Kings Cross]run by the ubiquictus & even urbane Peter O'Toole-  Delighted to say found Bryan again thru' the joys of EBay :)                  
                                     Harold Godwinsson & Brothers [Leofwine, Gyrth & including Tostig] -figures from Gripping Beast [GB]
                                         Kent Huscarls command group - figures from GB
                                         Kent Huscarls-figures from GB
                                          Harold's famous personal Fighting Man banner - figure from GB
                                         A tune for the troops - Essex Miniatures figure

                                         Mix Anglo-Dane Thegns - figures from GB
                                          Mercian Huscarls command group- figures from GB &Wargames Foundry
                                          Harold & brothers rear views

                                          Northumbrian Huscarls command group - mix GB & Wargames Foundry

                                          Rear view of Northumbrians....

                                         Harold's Royal Household Huscarls - figures by GB

Harold's Royal Household Huscarls - figures by GB

                                               Harold's alleged Grave site Waltham Abbey

                                          Mercian Huscarls - GB figures

Huscarl at Hastings - from Bayeaux Tapestry