Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mark Copping RIP

Sad to report that one of Herts Volunteers Gamers Club most dedicated players and members died suddenly from a heart attack
It came as a shock to all of us at the Club especially as Mark unexpectedly did not turn up to the club Indian Mutiny Game the Saturday that he passed away
Mark was a passionate and dedicated wargamer who had views and opinions on most things to do with our hobby but always from a positive viewpoint
His passing leaves us at Herts Volunteers the poorer but also richer for having known him . We plan to do a suitable lasting memorial for Mark at the club
Please also join us in sending our deepest condolences to his wife and family at this saddest of times

Friday, 22 June 2012

Valhalla means women, mead & song [allegedly]

Anglo Saxon Hovel

Fine oustanding selection Foundry Vikings
painted by superbly talented Bryan Nuttall

Monday, 28 May 2012

Rub the Lamp it's panto time - all for 1 & stuff

Some cheeky chappie Volunteers , finely dressed up , adorned in silks and bold colours and sadly nowhere to go...

This may become the default dress code for future club games and club public outings , though some of our throng who are much more well fed than these 3 fine Gents [believe it or not these are 3 of the raciest snakes you'll ever see at our club] , could cause a shortage in sequins and lace for outfits made to measure

Now taking bookings for the Panto Season

Read All About It !!!!

Fine brushwork of Steve Danes [author of Father Tilly Rules series].  Photo's courtesy of the indomitable Joe Dever 

Nice boys like a Sailor...

Another Victoriana nautical nonsense type game using the fine Perfidious Albion rules once again
Photo's of the game courtesy Joe Dever. Toys from collection David & Sam Marks

 Hurrah for Her Majesty's brave Sailors , defender of our shores and rights to invade others , earn riches, teach the world cricket ....

Those rascally Frenchies are at it again taking pot shots at Brighton , so Her Majesty's finest advance into the channel to stop this gallic affront to our prestige

 Let Battle commence and keep your lines straight

The Royal Navy plows forward towards the rascally Frenchies

The British Channel Fleet suck on sour lemons and ponder on what the Frenchies plan to do next off Sussex coast 

 Les Braves en envant !!! The cunning French plan to attack is revealed

Lots of smoke and bangs going off

 Big boy guns !

French keep their sang froid as well as their elan 

Brave Rear Admiral Steve Lampon attacks the Royal Navy with the Light Squadron

 A cheeky and ungentleman like Gallic gesture towards the Brits mid game

Frenchies plan unfolds... literally, as Steve ponders his squadron getting whacked/sunk by the jaunty Brits

Dr Evil gives thought to his command of French Navy's finest squadron . Is it all too much perhaps ? Will there be too many one's on the die rolls today ?

Another cheeky Gallic gesture to the Brits , c'est la guerre !

The angle of the dangle....

 Now that's a large gun and some...

 Admiral of the Fleet Sam Marks tries to retireve looming defeat by taking up position on the Frenchies side of the table ....

French Bombard Ships... 

 French fleet tacks correctly and advances en masse

Looks messy....with a bit of British Bulldog spirit going on with a good ramming of the Frenchies , as a first....

Despite being shot at profusely HMS Benbow refuses to sink on THIS day !!!!

La Gloire = French victory