Monday, 1 April 2013

Some outstanding Anglo Saxon/Danes figures for my growing obsession to have an effective 1-2-1 figures Dark Ages armies/collections- painted by highly talented  Bryan Nuttall - ex resident painter from long gone but fondly remembered Gamers In Exile ye olde shoppe [in London's Kings Cross]run by the ubiquictus & even urbane Peter O'Toole-  Delighted to say found Bryan again thru' the joys of EBay :)                  
                                     Harold Godwinsson & Brothers [Leofwine, Gyrth & including Tostig] -figures from Gripping Beast [GB]
                                         Kent Huscarls command group - figures from GB
                                         Kent Huscarls-figures from GB
                                          Harold's famous personal Fighting Man banner - figure from GB
                                         A tune for the troops - Essex Miniatures figure

                                         Mix Anglo-Dane Thegns - figures from GB
                                          Mercian Huscarls command group- figures from GB &Wargames Foundry
                                          Harold & brothers rear views

                                          Northumbrian Huscarls command group - mix GB & Wargames Foundry

                                          Rear view of Northumbrians....

                                         Harold's Royal Household Huscarls - figures by GB

Harold's Royal Household Huscarls - figures by GB

                                               Harold's alleged Grave site Waltham Abbey

                                          Mercian Huscarls - GB figures

Huscarl at Hastings - from Bayeaux Tapestry

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