Saturday, 26 October 2013

Am shutting this Blog down as frankly the continued errors trying to create more Blog entries - doing nothing different to what I have done since setting up this Blog - defy User Error syndrome & frankly have royally f8cked me off

Can't even find my Folder in Documents when trying to post Blogs -that holds all my Wargames stuff and system won't even allow me to post ANY pictures or images

It's shite and there's no denying

Plan is to see if I can resurface with a new Blog as this one is contaminated ...............


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Due to some unexplained technical issues, I have no been able to post any images on my Blog for few weeks now - issue seems to be a fault with placing an image from my library which then causes Internet Explorer to crash... if this continues I will be deleting this Blog as this is not a User error and it's frankly p*ssing me off....

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fresh from the painting table of my favourite Dark Ages painter Bryan Nuttall are these lovely Breton Infantry & a well fed Breton Champion . Infantry are mainly old style Foundry Norman sculpts with few conversions , with our well fed Champ being Conquest Games command figure ...

Monday, 1 April 2013

Some of my fine growing Viking Army - painted once again by Bryan Nuttall - joyful work of the highest standard - mix Wargames Foundry's figures from old & new Vikings range + figures from Gripping Beast. Photo's also include recent Herts Volunteers[] club game of Clontarf AD1016 - using Alan Kirkes great & grimly realistic Dark Ages rule-set 'Werod' + maps England & Ireland in Viking age.
Banner bearers are especially outstanding....
Viking ships are Gripping Beast & painted by also highly talented Steve Danes who also made the outstanding sails for each ship

Some outstanding Anglo Saxon/Danes figures for my growing obsession to have an effective 1-2-1 figures Dark Ages armies/collections- painted by highly talented  Bryan Nuttall - ex resident painter from long gone but fondly remembered Gamers In Exile ye olde shoppe [in London's Kings Cross]run by the ubiquictus & even urbane Peter O'Toole-  Delighted to say found Bryan again thru' the joys of EBay :)                  
                                     Harold Godwinsson & Brothers [Leofwine, Gyrth & including Tostig] -figures from Gripping Beast [GB]
                                         Kent Huscarls command group - figures from GB
                                         Kent Huscarls-figures from GB
                                          Harold's famous personal Fighting Man banner - figure from GB
                                         A tune for the troops - Essex Miniatures figure

                                         Mix Anglo-Dane Thegns - figures from GB
                                          Mercian Huscarls command group- figures from GB &Wargames Foundry
                                          Harold & brothers rear views

                                          Northumbrian Huscarls command group - mix GB & Wargames Foundry

                                          Rear view of Northumbrians....

                                         Harold's Royal Household Huscarls - figures by GB

Harold's Royal Household Huscarls - figures by GB

                                               Harold's alleged Grave site Waltham Abbey

                                          Mercian Huscarls - GB figures

Huscarl at Hastings - from Bayeaux Tapestry

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mark Copping RIP

Sad to report that one of Herts Volunteers Gamers Club most dedicated players and members died suddenly from a heart attack
It came as a shock to all of us at the Club especially as Mark unexpectedly did not turn up to the club Indian Mutiny Game the Saturday that he passed away
Mark was a passionate and dedicated wargamer who had views and opinions on most things to do with our hobby but always from a positive viewpoint
His passing leaves us at Herts Volunteers the poorer but also richer for having known him . We plan to do a suitable lasting memorial for Mark at the club
Please also join us in sending our deepest condolences to his wife and family at this saddest of times

Friday, 22 June 2012

Valhalla means women, mead & song [allegedly]

Anglo Saxon Hovel

Fine oustanding selection Foundry Vikings
painted by superbly talented Bryan Nuttall