Friday, 22 June 2012

Valhalla means women, mead & song [allegedly]

Anglo Saxon Hovel

Fine oustanding selection Foundry Vikings
painted by superbly talented Bryan Nuttall


  1. Hi Mick, I have a couple of those fantastic buildings but I haven't got around to putting them together yet.
    The Vikings look superb, are these now part of your collection?

  2. Hi Pat, thanks for your comments . Building was actually series images I have in my files and not from my collection but Vikings are part of my growing Viking Army painted by Bryan Nuttall - which will take the field for club game "Battle of BlackHeath 1066" due in October .They are indeed lovely painted figures...

  3. Figures arrived this morning and photo's do not do justice to them - mouth watering... jog on Hardrada :)

  4. Ooh you cant beat a bunch of frothing mad men, especially when they are so well painted!

  5. Hi Steve, you are not wrong on that count - froth froth away to Valhalla !!!!