Monday, 28 May 2012

Rub the Lamp it's panto time - all for 1 & stuff

Some cheeky chappie Volunteers , finely dressed up , adorned in silks and bold colours and sadly nowhere to go...

This may become the default dress code for future club games and club public outings , though some of our throng who are much more well fed than these 3 fine Gents [believe it or not these are 3 of the raciest snakes you'll ever see at our club] , could cause a shortage in sequins and lace for outfits made to measure

Now taking bookings for the Panto Season


  1. We do look dandy in those outfits Mick and you have actually managed to give me hair as well. Your facial hair of course is the real thing and looks suitably Muskateerish.
    One for all and all for one,

  2. Hi Pat, most kind on all counts although you remind I inadvertantly erred in not giving Joe Dever the proper due acknowledgement for it twas his creative flair with technology that made this image possible
    All for 1 and stuff